Every piece of electronic equipment, data center and person on earth is located at the bottom of an ocean of air. This fact is taken for granted to be a good thing, but there are instances when the air surrounding IT equipment can directly lead to its failure. The water vapor contained in air protects IT equipment from dangerous static electrical discharge. Reliance on precision cooling solutions to maintain the proper humidity level in a computer room or data center does not always assure proper humidity levels at the IT equipment air intake.

High humidity levels can also increase the risk of water damage to equipment. This is why most IT equipment specifications show the acceptable humidity range in terms of non-condensing humidity. In essence, equipment manufacturers are stating that their equipment will operate normally within a humidity range (typically 20-80% RH) as long as the temperature of the equipment itself and everything around it remains above the dew point temperature. This is the temperature at which water vapor in the air starts "condensing" on the equipment.

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