Valuable old books, like everything else, fall apart. They are constantly under attack by mold, insects, environmental conditions, and the wear and tear of everyday use. They are also slowly self-destructing from purely internal causes. One of the silent but deadly enemy is excess moisture/humidity.

Humidity attacks books in several ways. When your books were originally manufactured, various chemicals were added to the paper to bleach it or to harden its surface. Ever since then, these chemicals have been combining with the moisture in the air to create harsh acids which eat through the cellulose fibers. Pollutants in the air also combine with moisture to make new acids that further weaken the paper. Mold spores, which normally lie dormant in the atmosphere, spring to life under warm, humid conditions and spot your pages with smelly brown and grey blotches. Extremes of humidity can even cause the covers of books to warp and labels or endpapers to lift off.

You can avoid these effects of humidity by stabilizing the moisture level in the air at about 50 percent by usingWHITE WESTING HOUSE Dehumidifiers.

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