Many of the Food products require controlled Conditions of humidity while manufacturing particularly products like Wafers / Farsan / Chocolates / etc. These products tend to lose their Crispiness wheras in Chocolates a layer of moisture is formed on the Chocolate surface due to Excess humidity harming Product Quality.

The food and confectionery industry includes vast numbers of specialist set-ups, each with its own unique needs.
• Chocolates
• Wine gums
• Chewing gum
• Cakes
• Dry Fruits
• Cheese and other food items.

A problem often encountered with food and confectionery products is that when they are kept cold, any moisture in the air tends to condense on their surface. This results in favorable conditions for bacterial growth and can also have significant effects on product quality.

Foodstuffs often also contain hygroscopic materials that require exceptionally low humidity.
Moving refrigerated food stuffs from refrigerated storage facilities and other kinds of temperature-controlled warehousing to subsequent packaging operations often results in difficulties, that stem from the effects of humidity and condensation.

Unless the dew point of the surrounding air is lower than the surface temperature of the product, this low surface temperature will cause the moisture in the air to condense − with all the problems this can give.

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